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School Council

The School Council of Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School  consists of three representatives from Year 1 and three from Year Two. The Council meets frequently, at least once every half-term, to express views and make decisions. Mrs Bignell runs the School Council.




Staff are always keen to know the views of our pupils. The councillors gather the views of their fellow classmates then share their opinions at the school council meetings. 

Recent decisions have included:

  • whether to have a school pet and if so, what kind
  • how to improve playtimes
  • Tasting the new cold option for lunchtimes


Every Autumn pupils at Bracebridge  elect new school councillors from each class.

Based on election speeches, they vote for the candidate who they think will represent them best.

If you want to be part of the School Council, tell your teacher when it’s close to election time and prepare your speech well.


In the meantime, make sure you let your current class councillors know your views!

School BEST Councillors

2023 - 2024


Year 1 - Starfish Class

Alex, Kajus and Olivia


Year 2 - Dolphins Class

Jazmin-Rose, Louie and Minh


Meeting Minutes


School Council Class Meeting

9th June 2023

Adults – HB

Children – Reception – Advaita, Alex,

Yr 1 – Isaac, Charlotte and Millie

Yr 2 – Lennon, Alfie- Jae, Rayan, Arijus


Playground Rules

The children shared rules that their classes came up with they sorted them into groups according to which we should keep, consider or no.

The rules decided are as follows.

  1. I show respect to the adults outside.
  2. I show respect to other children’s games.
  3. I look out for my friends and we play together.
  4. I say sorry if I have done something wrong.
  5. I stand still when I hear the bell.
  6. I never shout or scream.

We decided that we will hold a drawing competition to design a school poster that will include these rules. Children will have the option to draw a picture that relates to one or all of the school rules. The school council will decide on the winners for each rule/ class.


Teams for Sports Day.

All children present in the meeting shared and discussed ideas for team names on sports day. The children decided we should name our teams after our topic that we are learning this term.


All sports team names will be seaside themed.

  • Bucket and Spade
  • Icecream
  • Sandcastle
  • Fish
  • Sea

The children said they would like to decide who takes part in what race during sports day. This could potentially be a job for Mrs Bignell and school council from each year group.


Next council meeting to be arranged.