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Meet the Team

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Staff List

Head Teacher                                      Mrs L Wilson 

                                                           (Designated Safeguarding Lead-DSL)


Teaching Staff                                     Terrific Turtles

                                                           Nursery       Mrs S Parker 


                                                           Sparkling Seahorses

                                                           Reception    Mrs V Ashberry  / Mrs H Bignell


                                                           Super Starfish  

                                                           Year 1      Miss O Grady 


                                                            Dazzling Dolphins                                                                                                                  Year 2      Mrs J Lees



SENDCO                                              Mrs S O'Halloran 


School Administrator                          Mrs S Rice


Clerk to the Governors                        Mrs J Sims



Support Staff                                     
                                                            Miss S Bell
                                                           Miss A Stephenson
                                                           Mrs C Robinson 
                                                           Miss B Green

                                                           Mrs J Brazier

                                                           Miss P Atkinson 


Family Support Worker                       Mrs R Cole

(Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead-DSL)


Caretaker                                            Mr D Wilson


Mid Day Controller                             Miss P Atkinson


Mid Day Assistants                             Mrs T Everington
                                                          Mrs M Wolski


Breakfast Club                                   Mrs T Everington


After School 'Buddies' Club Co-ordinator         Mrs B Brooke                                                    


For a list of our Governors, please go to "Community" and "Meet the Governors".



We always strive to ensure that we provide a high ratio of staff to children right across the school.  This is because we firmly believe that many children learn best when working in small groups and this also enables us to ensure that children receive verbal feedback about their learning whenever possible.  Each class has a fully qualified teacher who is ably supported by our well-qualified and experienced teaching assistants.


All staff who are employed by the school including our office staff, caretaker and lunchtime staff are prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to secure the best outcomes for our children.


Arrangements for seeing Teachers

Wherever possible, concerns expressed by parents and others about the school curriculum or related matters will be dealt with, in the first instance, by an informal discussion with their child’s class teacher or the Headteacher.


The Headteacher and class teachers are happy to see parents; however, if an individual child is to be discussed, it may be preferable to arrange an appointment at the end of the day.


Reporting to Parents

All children will receive a report of their progress towards the end of the summer term.  Parent/Teacher consultations are held twice each year to discuss individual children’s progress.


All Year 2 children will receive a report recording their achievements in the Key Stage One tests.  All Year 1 children will receive a report detailing their result in the Phonics Screen.


We also hold curriculum and e-safety workshops during the year, which parents are invited to attend.


Complaints Procedure

Most difficulties and misunderstandings can be resolved through informal discussions with the class teacher or Headteacher.  However, if you are not satisfied with the schools response, details of the complaints procedure is available on our website or from the school office.




Our Governors, alongside the Headteacher, are responsible for the strategic direction of the school; this includes making decisions about finance and setting the school’s policies.  Governor meetings are held regularly across the school year and governors visit the school whenever they can.  Governors can be contacted via the school.


Our Chair of Governors is Mr R Pitman.