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Physical Education (P.E)


During Key Stage 1 pupils build on their natural enthusiasm for movement, using it to explore and learn about their world. They start to work and play with other pupils in pairs and small groups. By watching, listening and experimenting, they develop their skills in movement and coordination, and enjoy expressing and testing themselves in a variety of situations.


At Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School, we have chosen to invest a large amount of our Sport Premium money on a specialist coach  from Premier Education, who will deliver high quality sports sessions to every child in the school for one of their PE lessons every week. We work with experienced Sports Coaches in order to give children opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills in a range of different situations, both individually and working against others in fun, competitive and non-competitive ways. 


The PE and Sport Premium is designed to help schools improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils. The programme also extends to our staff team who will be improving their subject knowledge and practice, while team teaching with a specialist teacher.


When teaching PE we aim to ensure children become confident in:

Acquiring and developing skills

Selecting and applying skills

Evaluating and improving performance

Developing a greater knowledge and understanding of fitness and health


Our curriculum includes:( please see overview below)




Adventurous activities

Mindfulness, including mediation and yoga- included in Themed Weeks

Multi Sports