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The Joy Foundation Together Time

Who do you trust? - The Joy Foundation

As children all return to school, Mr Housam explores who do people trust?

Positive Thinking - The Joy Foundation

Do you look at things in a positive way? Or do you tend towards looking on the bad side of things? Mr Housam helps us to think positively.

Awesome - The Joy Foundation

AWESOME is a word that we use a lot - but what really is AWESOME? Mr Housam begins the run up to Easter with looking at Awesome Jesus.

Reflections - The Joy Foundation

The country has been reflecting upon the pandemic especially over the past week. Here is a chance for children to do this too.

Families - The Joy Foundation

Mr Housam explores our different families in this video - showing that they are all different and that we can all be in God's family.

Puzzle Time - The Joy Foundation

Ever feel like giving up? Do you find some things hard at the moment? Here's Andy to help us by using some puzzles. Have pencil and paper handy!

Sorry I Got It Wrong.

We all get it wrong sometimes and need to be sorry. This video shows us what the Bible says about how to be sorry.

Solid as a Rock

Back in lockdown, things are changing again. Here's a video that will help us through from The Joy Foundation