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Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School
Attendance is a key priority for our school.  It is important that our children are in school every day as it helps to establish good learning and daily routines.



The Staff and Governors are fully committed to developing good attendance habits for all our pupils; the principle of regular attendance and good punctuality applies to all children. 



“Rise and shine and be on time

Beat the gate and don’t be late

Try to be here every day

Come to school to learn and play!”




Lateness is also classed as absence. If a child misses ten minutes of the school day on a daily basis this adds up to six and a half days over the school year!

If a child arrives late parents will have to complete a log sheet explaining the reason for being late



  • All children must attend on a daily basis unless he/she is ill. Children should only be kept away from school if they have an illness that would keep an adult away from work. Parents should keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to bring their child to school. 


  • Throughout the school year we will keep you updated with your child’s attendance figure.  Our attendance target for all children is 97% and any child with attendance below 90% will be classed as a persistent absentee.

    A school attendance of 90% may sound good but this actually means your child is missing half a day of school every week.  Add this up over their whole time in school and it works out at over one year’s absence


  • Each week we will reward an class with over 97% attendance with an extra playtime treat and the winning class will receive a stamp for the attendance board which goes towards an end of year treat for the whole class


  • At the end of every term, all children who have had 100% attendance for that term will be presented with a reward star in assembly.  


  • Medical appointments should be made out of school hours (doctors and dentists). We appreciate this can be difficult where hospital appointments are concerned.


  • If your child is ill please contact the school before 9.00 am. If no message is received a member of the admin team will ring from 10am onwards to ask for the reason for absence.


  • In line with recent changes, we are unable to authorise any holidays during term time except in very exceptional circumstances.  Please note any unauthorised absences from school may result in you being fined.  


  • Attendance will be monitored on a termly basis and all parents/carers will be informed of their child’s running total for attendance at the end of each term. Where attendance falls below 95% we may contact the family to discuss reasons for non attendance. Where attendance falls below 90% parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the Headteacher and attendance officer.  The Attendance Governor may also attend this meeting.