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Bracebridge Childrens Centre Activities and Support

A message from our local children's centre:


My name is Katie Munro and I work at Bracebridge Children's Centre as an Early Years Educator.


Children's Centre groups are still being delivered by the EYEs over zoom for families to access from their home. Many of our sessions are for families with Early Years Children 0-5 years, with older siblings up to the age of 8 welcome to join in too.


We are trying really hard to reach out to more families with information about the children's centres and the virtual groups and support that we can currently offer families. 


All our information and more can be found on the Lincoln Children's Centres - Central Facebook page.


I hope this is something your families might find useful - even families with children over 5 years may have younger children/babies who can benefit too.


Thanks again,

Kind Regards,

Katie Munro

Early Years Educator


Early Years Alliance

(Formally Pre-School Learning Alliance)


Bracebridge Children's Centre

Maple Street,