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Mathematics is a ‘Specific’ area within the Early Years Foundation Stage. One of the aims within the EYFS to is develop a strong grounding in number. This is essential to enable all children to develop the necessary building blocks to excel mathematically. 


Children learn to count reliably to the number 10 and beyond. They develop a deep understanding of the numbers to 10, the relationship between them and the patterns within those numbers. Children begin to learn and understand the early stages of addition and subtraction, identify 2d and 3d shapes, make comparisons between length, height and weight and use positional language.


In Nursery, Maths is incorporated into the provision areas both indoors and outdoors. Children explore and practice key early maths skills through daily singing, counting activities and supported play within provision areas as well as receiving an adult led maths input on a weekly basis. Group and individual next steps are planned using the EYFS frame and the schools own progression document.


In Reception, Maths is also incorporated into the provision areas both indoors and outdoors with challenges for children to undertake independently or with appropriate support and questioning from an adult. Reception children also undertake a daily Maths input with the class teacher and where appropriate this is followed by a more focused maths activity. These activities are planned to build and develop the children’s mathematical knowledge.


By the end of Reception children will have a deep understanding of numbers to 10, including the composition of each number. They will know how to recognise quantities up to 5 without counting. They will know number bonds up to 5 automatically (addition and subtraction) and they will know some number bonds to 10, including some double facts. They will know how to verbally count beyond 20, compare quantities up to 10 and they will know how to recognise even and odd numbers and how to share quantities equally.