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This Weeks Activities

The Hungry Caterpillar

Watch the story being told by Mrs Parker.

Choose one a day and send in your photos please I would love to see them!


  1. Select various fruit and vegetables from your cupboards and then sort them into two, fruit and vegetables. Talk about where they grow and what they need to grow.
  2. Draw your favourite fruit or vegetable use the right colours and talk about texture, look at the detail on the skin then cut in half.
  3. Make a fruit salad allowing your child to chop up the fruit safely. Eat together.
  4. Make a timetable together what activity/game will you play on Monday, Tuesday etc. Talk about days of the week how many there are and what you might do differently at the weekend.
  5. Make a caterpillar using the end of a toilet roll dipped in paint to make the caterpillar body. How long is your caterpillar and what shapes have you used?
  6. Thread penne pasta to make a caterpillar how many pasta pieces did you use? Is it long or short? How could we make it longer or shorter?
  7. Bake a cake together look at the dry ingredients and then what happens when you add egg milk etc. Talk about using the hot cooker safely.



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Last Weeks Activities

Dear Zoo

Watch the story being told by Mrs Parker.

Choose one a day and send in your photos please I would love to see them!

  1. Compare wild animals and farm animals, talk about where they live what they eat, then look at their features eg. Spots stripes legs.
  2. Go for a walk locally and count how many dogs you see, are they small or big tall or short?
  3. If you have a pet how do you look after it, what are its needs, what do you feed it and why?
  4. Listen to animal sounds (maybe on the internet) eg. Lion roar, donkey bray or a cat meow. Make your own sounds using pots, pans, wooden spoons and old milk cartons.
  5. Write a letter or draw a picture together and post it to a grandparent or even back to yourself, child can copy their name, then talk about postal process and the occupation of being a postal person.
  6. Build a farm, zoo, vets or pet shop with your bricks or recycled materials then put your animals or teddies in.
  7. Put some music on then move your body like different animals eg. Bird, elephant or snake.



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This Week's Wellbeing Plan


Whist we are not all in school and the Lincolnshire Smiles toothbrushing programme is still on hold we have thought of some ways to share with you our oral health key messages,  Click below for some great activities and guidance....



Choose one activity per day

and please send in any photographs for us to enjoy and share




  • Go for a walk to the park listen to sounds you can hear e.g. Traffic, birds, children or the trees.
  • Go for a walk and think about road safety teach the basic green cross code, public information video on you tube.
  • Go for a walk collect natural (fallen from the trees etc.)Objects to make a picture e.g. stick man or an owl.
  • Go for a walk look at shapes and numbers in the environment on doors traffic signs and number plates.
  • Go for a walk look at letters, words and well known logos and match beginning letter of child’s name.
  • Go in the garden collect stones twigs or leaves to make simple patterns.
  • Go in the garden and do some water painting use old tooth brushes or paint brushes to make patterns or form letters, try doing it on shed or patio slab.
  • If it snows make patterns using sticks or foot prints and maybe count how many small footprints and how many large footprints.
  • Go for a walk and count how many dogs or pushchairs you see.
  • Practise bouncing/catching a large ball.



  • Read a simple story then use questions to check your child’s understanding e.g. how did the bear feel in the night? What was your favourite part of the story and why? Allow time for child to answer in simple sentences.
  • Look for objects that rhyme around the house e.g. mat/hat bed/red chair/hair.
  • Learn the new nursery rhyme “The queen of hearts”
  • Learn the new nursery rhyme “pussy cat pussy cat” both on Mr Tumble cbeebies iplayer.
  • Allow child to make own sandwich practise using cutlery to spread butter, jam or chop ham cucumber etc.
  • Look at different shapes of food you have sort into two piles e.g. circle or not a circle.
  • Sort fruit and vegetables into two groups or sort into colours.
  • Look at size biggest, smallest longest and shortest. Order fruit in size order or socks from different members of the family.
  • Compare weight of objects around the house sort into heaviest and lightest.
  • Wet some spaghetti and practise cutting skills, who can cut the shortest strand?
  • Look at an ice cube what happens when it gets warm? What will happen if you put it back in the freezer?
  • Look at textures around the home look for something hard, soft, smooth, shiny or bumpy.
  • Use bricks to build various constructions add on features such as doors and windows.
  • Use recyclable materials to construct a dragon or anything of child’s choice.
  • Look at sticky kids on internet to learn new dance “music music music”.
  • Allow children time to put on own socks/shoes and coats to promote all those independent skills.





Children's Mental Health Week

Mrs Bignell Introduces β€˜Express Yourself’

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For our Seahorses and Turtles