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Parent Questionnaire Results

Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School









Strongly agree


Tend to agree


Tend to dis



Strongly disagree


Don’t know




My child is happy at this school



84%   26/31



16%   5/31





My child feels safe at this school



94%   29/31



6%   2/31





My child is making good progress

 at this school



87%   27/31


10%   3/31



3%  1/31


My child is well looked after at this school



87%   27/31


10%   3/311


3%  1/31 *




My child is taught well at this school



97%   30/31


3%  1/31





My child receives appropriate homework for their age


75%   23/31


16%   5/31


3%  1/31**


6%   2/31


This school makes sure its pupils are

 well behaved


94%   29/31


6%   2/31





This school deals effectively with bullying


78%   24/31


6%   2/31



16%  5/31


The school is well led and managed



90%   28/31


10%   3/31





This school responds well to any concerns  I raise



87%   27/31


10%   3/31




3%   1/31


I receive valuable information about my  child’s progress


84%   26/31


13%   4/31


3%   1/31**




I would recommend this school to another



94%   29/31


3%   1/31




3%   1/31



Things we do well……..

  • Care for the children in their school.
  • Provide good range of activities: sports coaches etc
  • Make parents and children welcome
  • Teach different songs and games
  • Knowledge of nature
  • Includes all children in events and activites
  • Always acts on things I raise with them
  • Communication between teachers and parents
  • Look after children well
  • Help children learn, fun activities
  • Good communication about my child’s progress
  • The staff are very friendly and welcoming
  • Creates a great friendly atmosphere for all
  • Ensures I am always informed about my child’s progress
  • Keeps parents up to date on all necessary events and dates etc
  • Makes children and parents feel welcome and safe
  • Very good, brilliant teaching
  • Very good at helping children with any problems
  • Brilliant support at school and home
  • Caring about children like one big family
  • Good lunch and Buddies
  • Welcoming and accommodating, encouraging / rewarding children
  • The school is very helpful in solving problems
  • Headteacher is always available to talk too


Things we could improve……..

  • Feedback about attainment
  • Tell you what your child is doing well or needs help with
  • Listen to each other
  • On occasion staff have failed to inform me about accidents that have happened
  • Do more lesson time, do letters a lot
  • Open the gates earlier
  • Would love extra classes
  • More after school clubs
  • Harder work for the children
  • More attention to  children, sometimes has wet socks or jumper sleeves
  • Thought son’s attendance was better than 91% as I try hard to get him to school every day
  • Most parent events are in school day making it hard for working parents.



‘Such a wonderful school – so lucky to be able to attend!  Thank you for everything.’


‘Would love to see school as a junior school as it is amazing and a lot of children live quite far and having a sibling at a different school makes it hard and unfortunately one has to miss out.’


‘School is like a little family and everyone is so kind.’


‘Having no prior experience of how schools work, this has been a wonderful experience. We had an instant feeling that this was the right place to send our daughter.  The pace of learning is fabulous and the feedback in her journal is invaluable.’