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Year 2 Fun Morning

On Friday 17th July 2020 we were delighted to have welcomed our Year 2 children back into school for a Leavers Summer Fun Morning.

We shared some amazing stories, memories of lockdown and caught up with each other’s news.  It was so lovely to see all the children again - their smiles told a thousand stories.

It was amazing to all take part in a mini Sports Day. Ice lollies provided were a welcome refreshment (and treat).

Everyone had so much fun and laughter at free playtime - it was wonderful to see all the children laughing and playing once again with their friends.  A quick break for a plate of snacks and then onto the main event......

Water guns. cannons and water balloons at the ready! WOW! So much excitement and fun was had by all.  Staff and children alike had the best time - everyone was wet, very wet actually! It was just amazing to see everyone having such a good time together.  For those not wanting to get wet or to take a break they enjoyed playing on the field and the trim trail. The smiles say it all and we hope we created some lovely memories. Safe to say a memorable experience was had by all.

As we said our sad goodbyes, all children were presented with a farewell card signed by all the staff and a wooden keepsake Bracebridge Infant and Nursery School pencil box.  Parents arrived at the gate to collect and each of our wonderful children was applauded through A Guard of Honour from the staff as they left the playground.


We would like to wish all our Year 2 children and families a very happy summer

and lots of best wishes for September. 

Your new schools are very lucky to have such an amazing group of children. 

We shall miss you all.

Keep ' Being the best you can be!'