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We look forward to working together and hope to have lots of fun this year.

We are a Year 2 class and we work alongside the Super Starfish Class.


If you would like to ask any questions then please do come and talk to us.


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Home Learning


We will be adding ideas for home learning weekly to the HOME LEARNING PAGE so that you and your child can continue learning together while school is closed.


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We will provide the following:

Video lessons and weekly activity tasks

Ideas for supporting your child's reading and writing

Ideas for supporting your child with maths

Home learning projects

Links to websites that will support your child's learning across the curriculum

Interactive story links

Ideas for keeping active inside


We hope you enjoy the activities and learning together with your child.


 New activities and links will be added each Wednesday during term time.

Super proud of these Dazzling Dolphins! Three children on gold already and Sara and Grace could recall their learning beautifully.  Well done ☺
Some fabulous work trying out techniques when working with clay. Look at our amazing woodland animals.
We choose practical resources to help us find the difference.
Today we assembled our pop-up book. Looking fabulous Dolphins.
Practical maths, representing our data collected in tally charts as pictograms.
Our amazing Eco-club enjoyed cleaning up Ewart Street today but don't want to do it every week, so please take your litter home or pop it in a bin. Thank you. We also designed posters to put in areas of school where we've noticed we could be saving water.
This afternoon we painted houses for our 'Great Fire of London' Big Write which will take place tomorrow.
A tough start to "Maths at the Movies" week in Dolphins.....Popcorn and Paddington..........


We have paused the film and the Dolphins are thinking about what maths they can see...there are shapes such as semi-circles and triangles. The Ferris wheel has a repeating pattern and there are six triangles in it. Can you spot anything else?
Fabulous gymnastics in PE today with Coach Ricky!
Today we completed our wind socks so we could observe wind direction. Lots of maths involved too when we were measuring! Great job Dolphins.
Inspired by our Topic, this Dolphin chose to complete this amazing art work at home.
Super practical maths leading to much more accurate drawings of block diagrams.
Rupert the Reading Bear enjoyed his first visit home with one of the Dolphin class. They shared a story about a bear just like him and he felt very safe and happy!
World Hello Day and we are all going Italian in our Dolphins Class. Pizza anyone?
Further adventures in coding land for Year 2: free coding this week and proving to be a suitable challenge when coding our own haunted house code. More coding next week!
Wow! Our careers afternoon is finally happening. We have Lincoln City Football Club, Lincolnshire Police, forensic scientists, a tattoo artist and much more......
Healthy eating as part of our Wellbeing week. Rainbow salad wraps from our Year 2 Class today. yes
Time for tea with the Queen!
Our past topics.............

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