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We will be adding ideas for home learning weekly to our Home Learning Page so that you and your child can continue learning together while school is closed.



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We will provide the following:

Video lessons and learning activity tasks

Ideas for supporting your child's reading and writing

Ideas for supporting your child with maths

Home learning projects

Links to websites that will support your child's learning across the curriculum

Interactive story links

Ideas for keeping active inside


We hope you enjoy the activities and learning together with your child.


 New activities and links will be added each Wednesday during term time.

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Caterpillar progress

No such thing as a zagaroo! Zoolab came to visit Nursery on World Book Day; we had such fun listening to the story that featured real animals and we got to touch and hold them.
Proud to welcome Madam Mayor today as part of her 813th birthday celebrations. She shares her birthday with a special 4-year-old in our school.

Creating tiger masks lots of sticky fingers but lots of fun too!!

Making fruit salad today, talking about healthy food and making healthy choices.

Maths at the movies ,Tiger who came to tea creating our shaped sandwiches ready for our indoor picnic!!

Following on from our colour mixing, this morning we were experimenting with skittles and milk watching the colours bleed into the liquid, then using cocktail sticks we made patterns until it was all mixed up. Lots of rich language opportunities.

Exploring holes using play dough today lots of great language and ideas.

Some fantastic phonics in turtles class today segmenting words to feed our robot.

A terrific turtle getting the Gold Star today. Well Done!

Making rock cakes in turtle class this morning. Lots of mixing stirring and working together.

Thank you to our wonderful parents in Nursery for sharing in our Debutots workshop.

Today in nursery we have made a stick man as tomorrow we are retelling the story through drama with Becci from Debutots.

Making reindeer food in Nursery this morning.

Terrific Turtles made an elephant and took part in an elephant dance as part of our India World Hello Day.

Terrific turtles celebrating World Hello Day, we have been making lassi drink and tasting it and learnt how to say hello in Indian language “Namaste”.
New gadget in nursery for the play dough area went down well! Pasta machine lots of language and investigation into how it works! #technology

Singing 5 little ducks to Dave our adopted dragon “to make him feel happy”

Our Terrific Turtle Nursery children enjoying their Debutots session.

Happy days in Nursery smiley
We have lots of fun in Nursery!  smiley
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