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Nursery - Terrific Turtles Mrs Parker

A big welcome to our 

Terrific Turtles

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Mrs Parker 

Miss Green

 Miss Walker

What we will be learning this term.....

Our topic this term is ...... 'Love is all around'.


Our Favourite Five

Nursery Graduation

Last year in Nursery

Favourite Five Term 6

Stem week

Fun in the sun in the first week back to nursery!

Drumming workshop

Our Favourite Five during Spring Term

Favourite Five Spring Term

Creating fruit salads, using our smell taste and touch to choose our fruit, then using knife skills safely to chop and create.

We love music in nursery!

Making Banana Bear Toast Using Knife Skills!

Fun filled first week back to nursery, making new friends along the way.

Getting ready for Christmas

Favourite Five For This Term

Favourite Five

Ice experiment

Baking Gingerbread Cookies

When the Sensory Bus came to School